Things To Do Gold Coast


The first thing to do on the Gold Coast is to check pinned things to do locations on the Google Map of the Gold Coast so that you can see how far they are away from your Gold Coast Hotel.  Below is a list of the best 2022 things to do on the Gold Coast.

  1. With such beautiful beaches on the Gold Coast must do beach things to do include:
    1. Swim between the yellow and red flags,
    2. Surfing or learning to surf. The longest surf break in the world is at the southern end of the Gold Coast. Pumping sand around Tweed Heads to between Snapper Rocks and Coolangatta Beach has made the “SuperBank”. It means surfers can catch a wave from Snapper Rocks, past Rainbow Bay, past Coolangatta Beach all the way to Kira Beach. That’s a surfing distance of over 1km!
      Superbank Gold Coast surf
      Surfing the longest wave in the world at the southern end of the Gold Coast at Superbank.

      Alternatively, go safe boogie boarding. You can do this between the flags.

    3. Kitesurfing or windsurfing.
    4. Beach fishing away from swimmers and surfers.
    5. Lay on the beach getting a tan while watching eye candy.
    6. Join a volunteer lifesaving club.
  2. My second favourite thing to do is near the Gold Coast, in the tropical rain forest covered, mountainous hinterland. Hire a car and drive to tourist attractions such as Natural Bridge, a SPECTACULAR waterfall in the Spring Book National Park. Head in a southwest direction from the Gold Coast and up into the mountains.
  3. There are more interesting theme parks in and near the Gold Coast than anywhere in Australia. They make for an interesting entertaining, whole day out, family thing to do on the Gold.
  4. Things to do at Gold Coast hotels:
    1. Lounge by the pool
    2. Dine on delicious hotel restaurant food
    3. Attend a wedding
    4. Enjoy your honeymoon in a luxurious beachfront Gold Coast hotel.
    5. Watch a live show.
    6. Attend a seminar or Gold Coast Conference
  5. Eat breakfast lunch or dinner at a good Gold Coast restaurant.
  6. Go nightclubbing with a friend. Alternatively, a thing to do if you’re travelling alone, say on a business trip to the Gold Coast, is to go nightclubbing and do the other things to do listed on this webpage with a local, friendly, hired Gold Coast Escort. They know the places and things to do.
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  7. Have your bucks party on the Gold Coast, hire a local sexy hot local Gold Coast stripper or topless waitress to entertain your guests.
  8. Land based guided tours to see tourist attractions of the Gold Coast with information from your tour guide. Just about every big Gold Coast hotel has a tour desk where you can buy bus tour tickets. Also so there are plenty of travel agents on the Gold Coast especially in tourist hot spots like Surfers Paradise where you can by guided tour tickets of the Gold Coast. Good Gold Coast tour guides will show you some of the best things to do on the Gold Coast and if they don’t show you, at least let you know some information about things to do.
  9. Take in the view of the Pacific Ocean, Gold Coast beaches, canals and Gold Coast hinterland from the Sky Point observation deck on top of one of the tallest buildings in Australia.
  10. Go fishing in the Pacific Ocean out from the Gold Coast by going on a fishing charter boat.
  11. Get your car cleaned inside and out and polished to perfection at your home or office with the Gold Coast’s best mobile car washing service.
    mobile car wash Gold Coast.
  12. I loved the Sunday morning market at Broad Beach. It like many beach things to do on the Gold Coast is a free event. Such interesting and friendly stallholders like the lovely fresh, delicious, homemade lemonade seller. 
Sunday markets Broad Beach Gold Coast
Sunday Markets, Broad Beach Gold Coast.

Things to do Perth

Because I’m from Perth I know some of the best things to do in Perth so if you’re travelling from the Gold Coast to Perth explore some of the best things to do in Perth Western Australia.

What Are The Best Things To Do On The Gold Coast?

I’ve opened this page up for comments so that you can tell others what you think are the best things to do on the Gold Coast. Overt spamming will cause comments to be deleted and the option to comment shut down.

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