Gold Coast Hotel Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing for Gold Coast Accommodation Businesses

In a competitive world, good digital marketing for Gold Coast accommodation businesses and tourism operators is essential for cost effectively reaching worldwide to target markets. Affordable digital marketing puts small Gold Coast Accommodation businesses on a level playing field with:

  1. Big Gold Coast Hotels and 
  2. International hotel management companies
  3. Online travel agents targeting the Gold Coast and gouging Gold Coast hotel accommodation businesses, which have waived the white flag, with excessively high commissions.

Benefit of Digital Marketing Gold Coast Holiday Accommodation?

Hotel marketing Australia.
Hotel marketing Australia.

My old organic SERP winning page for “hotel marketing australia” has been winning without maintenance for decades. If I can win for Australia out of nearly 100K SERPs then for a smaller place like the Gold Coast I can win for your hotel. I connect your hotel’s brand and sales information with customers searching for what you sell. Not only can I win for you but my digital hotel marketing for Gold Coast hotels is at an affordable price. However, Gold Coast hoteliers should never select hotel digital marketers or their agencies based on the KPI of marketing services price. It does NOT matter how many Rupees per day outsourced hotel marketers charge. How sexy their sales pitch sucked you in or whether they’re a friend or networking associate.

  1. My old 4 Web Marketing web page with high-level digital marketing specialising in SEO is the best in Australia. That’s a big claim, especially because the Gold Coast is such a great place to live that most of the best digital marketers in Australia work or want to work near a Gold Coast beach. 
  2. I got good at hotel marketing with full-time digital marketing experience since 1999.
  3. If you’re willing, I’m willing to do accommodation digital marketing deals. Eg Flights and accommodation contra in exchange for the best hotel digital marketing advice in Australia.

 See some more screenshots of my organic SERP winners

SEO For Gold Coast Hotels

4 Web Marketing believes SEO is the best value type of digital marketing for Gold Coast hotel accommodation businesses. Better than:

  1. Push marketing such as email marketing.
  2. Social media marketing.
  3. Video marketing, etc. 
  4. Google My Business marketing.
  5. Map marketing eg our Google Map of Beach Hotels has had over 400,000 views. (All our clients get free linked pins). 

We can offer Gold Coast businesses these and other types of digital marketing such as:

  • providing good quality dofollow backlink juice free for all our clients from our websites but for Gold Coast businesses we recommend SEO first.
  • Advertorials on our pages and or advertorials on an exclusively yours web page on our Gold Coast accommodation website.
  • Digital marketing strategy consultations for Gold Coast hotel executives, property management executives and for Gold Coast property owners who for example have a website in addition to their Airbnb listing to promote their Airbnb Gold Coast listing.

Who's Gold Coast Accommodation Digital Marketing For?

Digital marketing on the Gold Coast is for anyone in the hospitality industry. That includes digital marketing professional development for:

  1. Gold Coast hotel general managers, CFO, hotel marketing managers, directors of sales and marketing, outsourced digital marketing agencies for higher level digital marketing.
  2. Gold Coast property investors, typically Gold Coast condominium investors paying a too high a price for property management companies doing too little in the way of marketing Gold Coast condos. 
  3. Gold Coast Business coaches.
  4. Gold Coast travel writers.
  5. Gold Coast travel agents, wholesalers, airline reps, tourism operators, tour desk staff.
  6. Marketers of theme parks.
  7. Other digital marketers on the Gold Coast wanting to learn higher level SEO.
  8. Digital marketing seminars on the Gold Coast for the profession development of key stake holders such as hotel accommodation property owners so that they can hold their digital marketers to account starting with setting marketing KPIs and monthly reporting of marketing performance.

What Gold Coast Digital Marketing?

Hearing Gold Coast hotel marketing managers groan when yet another visiting travel writer request contra of accommodation for a feature advertorial on some blog that according to Alexa is not popular. What you can get for low price Gold Coast digital marketing investment.:

  1. Professional development seminars/training for Gold Coast hotel executives including those with the job of hotel marketing manager.
  2. An exclusively for your Gold Coast hotel can be an affordable, advertorial with – free good quality (high PR/UR) dofollow backlink juice for at least 3 months for all current Gold Coast clients.
  3. From an online ad on the HOME page of this Accommodation Gold Coast website.
  4. Gold Coast hotel of the month feature with photos and links
  5. VR Photos / Videos of you hotel and Gold Coast travel destination.
  6. Free hotel site popularity tracking and reporting in the Au hotels tab of our site popularity online spreadsheet. 
  7. Premium exact match CHEAP Gold Coast domain name leasing or Gold Coast domain name sales. See for a list of Gold Coast domains for sale or lease.

Gold Coast Accommodation Digital Marketing Services Prices

Don’t think of how much digital marketing of Gold Coast hotels and other accommodation costs but rather think of the price of investment in and the return of your marketing investment.

  1. Never select a digital marketer on price but rather ask digital marketers like 4 Web Marketing, what COMPETITIVE phrases have you achieved for your hotel clients?
    Yes digital marketing price is a factor but demonstrable marketing success is more important.
  2. The price of digital marketing services on the Gold Coast depends on which type of digital marketing service and for how long or on a pay for performance basis. Pay for performance can include:
    1. Pay per click from our web sites at 50% discount off the market PPC rate; a la Adwords cost per click.
    2. Price per lead via booking inquiries.
    3. Percentage of actual accommodation confirmed/paid bookings.
  3. The price of our SEO services for Gold Coast businesses can be fixed price for a digital marketing package or an hourly rate of between $70 to $330 per hour depending on how many hours. The higher price SEO for Gold Coast hoteliers is typically for SEO consultation on the Gold Coast where I give away my high level SEO strategy IP (secrets) to typically potentially competing digital marketing agencies based on the Gold Coast.


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