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Get the best online digital hotel marketing for Gold Coast hotel marketing managers. Internet marketing including SEO strategies for hotels near or on Queensland’s Gold Coast.

Your Gold Coast hotel has an online marketing budget, even if you don’t think so. Commissions Gold Coast hotels pay to online travel agents are indirect marketing. What OTAs spend on their digital marketing to provide your bookings, you repay them in commissions, plus their margin.

Hotel marketing on the Gold Coast has an alternative to commissions hotels pay to OTAs. Investing in digital marketing your own Gold Coast hotel website:

  1. reinforces your Gold Coast hotel brand marketing, not the OTA’s
  2. you won’t have to spend every year for each guest. When new and repeat guests book via your Gold Coast hotel website, you’re building loyalty. Guests know your site / your contact/booking information. You know their contact information.

The scenario of diverting commissions of 10 rooms from OTAs to your own hotel marketing on the Gold Coast:

Gold Coast hotel marketing budget.

OTAs sell your rooms @ $100 per night taking $20 commission.
Your hotel booking engine only takes $4, saving you $16. If you sold these 10 rooms DIRECTLY from your own hotel site, you’d save $16 per room per day. To ensure guests book directly via your site, discount rooms $1.

$15 x 10 rooms x 365 days of the year. Your Gold Coast hotel marketing budget ploughed back into your own hotel site’s digital marketing for brand marketing (my old webpage has been for decades and still is Google first of “brand marketing australia“) and loyalty is $46,500 pa.

Hotel marketing training Gold Coast.

$5B pa Gold Coast Hospitality Industry

Bean counters often are older, pre-internet era executives, who lack understanding/appreciation of the return on investment (ROI) in digital hotel marketing. Phone Ben +61 418958799 now to get me on a plane to your hotel.

We love training Gold Coast hotel marketing managers. If your job is general manager or hotel marketing manager, don’t let hotel CFOs deter you from investing in hotel marketing training.

Let us help your hotel or tourism operation business on the Gold Coast or not-for-profit tourism organisation on the Gold Coast grow the tourism pie in Australia. As part of our CSR, very BIG digital marketing consultation discounts are offered for not-for-profit organisations such as hotel associations.

Hotel digital marketing for Gold Coast hotels includes consultation and or hands on digital marketing including SEO for Gold Coast hotels. 


Online Gold Coast hotel marketing strategy consultations for those with the job of hotel marketing manager and hotel revenue manager can be by phone or in person. Our hotel marketing specialist Ben Grummels travels between our Perth and Gold Coast offices. When delivering hotel marketing strategy consultations our clients have provided accommodated in Gold Coast hotels at Q1 apartment and at nice hotel resort apartments at Mantra on Salt Beach, Kingscliff. I’ve used shared office is at Tweed Heads near the Gold Coast. We also have an office in Thailand. Our main Australian office is in Perth, only 3 hours flight to the Gold Coast. Regardless of where you are, hotel marketing consultations are a phone call away on phone number 0418958799.

Online Advertising Investment Australia

How much is your hotel bean counter limiting your innovative hotel marketing ideas?

Online advertising spend stats chart.


    1. Expert Search Engine Optimisation SEO marketing of your Gold Coast hotel website.
      See screenshots of some of our many hotel SEO/SERP winning examples.
    2. Online advertising for Gold Coast hotels is free for my clients. It includes free ad design and publishing on popular sites/pages with good dofollow links from relevent sites to your site.
      1. Advertorial on popular web pages. For example Check to see if your Gold Coast hotel location is listed or pinned free of charge on our Google Map of Gold Coast hotels. If it isn’t please contact me.
      2. Set-up pay per click marketing for Gold Coast hotels including landing pages which reduce your cost per click by improving the “quality score” of SEOed landing pages. There are only two scenarios when people search for your hotel by name:
      3. You are showing a PPC ad for your hotel along the lines of “Official Site, Book Direct, More info.” You get the click and convert them on your hotel site.
      4. OTAs and resellers have no competition from you (YAHOO!) for their ads offering “Best Rate Guaranteed, No Cancellation Fee, More info!” OTA get the click and sells your room, making 15-20% commission, some of which they invest in more targeting of your hotel brand name.
    3. Social media marketing (SMO) for Gold Coast hotels by Chantal Gerardy, THE best, smartest social media marketing consultant based on the Gold Coast. Let Chantal help manage your Gold Coast hotel’s social media marketing starting with checking and improving your hotel’s Google My Business (GMB).  Chantal Gerardy, a Gold Coast local social media marketing expert specialises in social media marketing for Gold Coast Hotels and other accommodation businesses.
    4. Your FREE Google “My Business” is IMPORTANT. It integrates with Google search, Google Maps, YouTube, Google Search Console, Google Insights/Analytics, etc. Our Google My Business consultation helps hotels that don’t even have a Google My Business profile and for hotels that have, we help develop your hotel profile further.  eg: Getting your content such as hotel photos and hotel video marketing on your Google My Business (GMB) pin.
    5. Map Marketing. Placement of  your hotel’s pin on my maps:
      1. Map of Gold Coast Hotels
      2. Google Map of Australia.
      3. Google Map of Best Beach Hotels Near World’s Best Beaches with the URL  (600,000 views)
      4. Free monthly online advertising for Gold Coast hotels with our $500 per month digital marketing plan. Includes:
        1. Quality dofollow link building for Gold Coast hotels
        2. Internet advertorial of a whole web page exclusively for your Gold Coast hotel, on this website.
        3. Your hotel banner ads on our websites.
      5. Digital marketing analysis and reporting marketing KPIs for Gold Coast hotels. Good if GMs, hotel marketing managers, CFOs and other hotel executives want to set KPI’s for their in-house or outsourced digital marketing agencies. Competitor analysis/reporting too.
      6. Video marketing for Gold Coast hotels.
        1. Your hotel videos on our popular Youtube channels.
        2. With login to your hotel Youtube channel, we’ll SEO your videos for improved view stats.
        3. Embedding your Gold Coast hotel videos on our web pages.
      7. Review marketing for Gold Coast hotels.
      8. High-level digital marketing consultation for Gold Coast hotel marketing staff.
      9. Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing (eg Google Adwords) set-up and monthly management.
      10. Market research for Gold Coast hotels.
      11. CRM marketing. Setup/training for Gold Coast tourist accommodation businesses. Enable remarketing.
      12. Help with setting up marketing via your hotel WiFi.
        1. Using hotel WiFi to upsell to other hotels in your hotel chain, your hotel restaurant, tour desk, etc. 
      13. Bookmarking your hotel. Eg:
      14. Marketing discounts apply for not-for-profit organisations in South East Asia such as hotel associations in South East Asia.  Free hotel CSR media releases via our Corporate Social Responsibility page for hotel PR managers.
      15. IP Consultations for Gold Coast Hotels
        1. Buying and using exact match domain names for Gold Coast hotels
        2. Australian trademark registration applications for Gold Coast hotels.
      16. Image Search Optimisation (ISO) Have you seen your hotel photos in Google Image Search, on Google Earth and Google Maps? We’ll help get you there.
      17. Option of buying or leasing this:
        1. Website only
        2. Domain name only
        3. Both domain name and website together.
Some of the hotel accommodation sites your Gold Coast HOTEL site can get good hotel accommodation dofollow links from include:
  1. Hotel Perth
  2. Hotel Accommodation Singapore
  3. Accommodation Perth
  4. Accommodation Bali
  5. Accommodation Near
  6. Hotels Near Perth Stadium
  7. Cheap Hotel Perth
  8. Hotel Accommodation Dunsborough
  9. Hotel Mandurah
  10. Hotel Marketing Asia (Google first for “hotel marketing asia”)

Why Our Hotel Marketing For Gold Coast Hotels?


Ask digital marketers what COMPETITIVE phrases their digital marketing agency have achieved? Some of my SEO winners include Google organic first for:

Hotel marketing Singapore
Hotel marketing Gold Coast Australia

Unlike international telemarkers, your hotel is protected by Australian consumer protection laws.

When you speak with me you’re dealing DIRECTLY with a plain-speaking, digital marketing expert with Gold Coast experience.

Hotel marketing Asia.



The price of Gold Coast hotel marketing services should be much less of a consideration for selection criteria than demonstrable digital marketing success.

Don’t select hotel marketing just because he or she is your friend, relative or Gold Coast networking group, associate. Marketing achievement is what your hotel should be looking for. When your hotel is marketing to Australia and the world you need the best hotel marketer in Australia.

Digital marketing sales Gold Coast
Don't be conned by a smooth-talking, sexy sales pitch. You'll be embarrassed when your partner finds out you were sucked into a failed digital hotel marketing campaign.


Hotel digital marketing consultation services example could start with a fam tour before  2 hours in your hotel boardroom with Gold Coast hotel executives in exchange for Gold Coast hotel accommodation.

Online Hotel Marketing Gold Coast

Hotel marketing managers on the Gold Coast are welcome to place discount pay per click advertising on this web page about hotel marketing in southeast Queensland/north-west NSW including Tweed Heads.

Contact big Ben with your incentive for marketing your hotel on the Gold Coast?  If you want personal consultation for your hotel marketing staff and executives, think about working with an airline to get me to your hotel.  Airlines have a lot to benefit from Gold Cost travel destination marketing.  If you want personal hotel marketing consultations for your hotel marketing staff and executives, think about working with an airline to get me to your hotel.  Airlines, tourism operators and hotel accommodation investors have a lot to benefit from Gold Coast travel destination marketing.

The Grand Life book by my friend Patrick Griffin is a must, entertaining and informative read about the life of a luxury Australian hotel general manager and past president of the AHA.

Patrick received the Order of Australia for his services to the Australian hotel industry.

I met Patrick by chance when he was building a luxury hotel on the bank of the Mekong River near my home/office in Thailand. Afterwards, he moved to Perth where we used to catch up. Patrick Griffin now lives near the Sydney CBD and is an interesting guest speaker.

He’s such a charismatic, interesting person with so many interesting events to tell.

Luxury hotel manager
A book by Patrick Griffin OAM, Luxury hotel manager
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